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Traditional healers use African techniques to heal illnesses, perform rituals, protect the innocent, counteract spells and bring prosperity. Drmuusa has divine powers to act as an intermediary between the living and the dead. We are able to access advice and guidance from ancestoral spirits for our clients in three ways: channelling or possession by an ancestor, throwing bones and interpreting dreams.

Healing through Channelling

In possession states we works ourself into a trance, through drumming, dancing and chanting, and allow ancestor to possess our body and communicate directly with our clients, providing specific information about his or her problem. This can be very effective and we are highly trained in this practice.

Healing through Throwing Bones

Accessing the ancestors' advice through the bones is an alternative to the exhausting possession states. We possess a collection of small bones and other small objects like seeds, shells etc., each with a specific significance to human life. We throw the bones, but the ancestors control how they lie, and then we interpret the position in relation to our client' life.

Divination through Dreams

In the same way, we can also interpret the metaphors present in dreams, either our own or our clients'. We receive guidance through dreams from  our ancestors in the spiritual world, in order to heal and guide our community. 

Our ancestors are our protectors and conselors, if you feel that your ancestors are angry with you and causing you pain and suffering we can help you perform rituals to cleanse you and satisfy them. Please contact Drmuusa today if you would like guidance or counseling from your ancestors.